VIP Treatment // Bourbon Barrel

The Bourbon Barrel offers VIP Treatment to patrons who reserve a spot in the coveted VIP Lounge - where bottle service is thriving. Our objective is not to be a cocktail bar, rather a place to enjoy Bourbon as it is meant to be enjoyed - slowly. So sit back, relax, indulge in conversation and imbibe over 95 varieties of American Whiskeys showcased. 

VIP Treatment includes:

A VIP reservation at the Bourbon Barrel includes lounge style seating, which overlooks the entire bar and semi-private partitions for a more intimate setting with your VIP guests. (Just remember, we said Semi-Private.) Bourbon Barrel VIP will also have a cocktail waitress or server to pour drinks, mixers, and, of course, the bottles ordered. Two bottle minimum required -starting at $80 each.

VIP Reservations:

The VIP balcony must be reserved prior to arrival at Bourbon Barrel. It is suggested that you make your VIP reservation 3-4 weeks in advance to secure a spot. All inquiries are requests until you have received a confirmation from one of our staff members. All party members must be 21 years of age upon entry. 

To reserve a table for bottle service please contact us at 814.452.3000 or fill out the form below.