Bourbon Barrel - Erie, PA

Now open in the Heart of Downtown Erie, PA - Bourbon Barrel focuses on carefully selected bourbons and whiskeys. We are a classic, All-American Bourbon Bar with a modern twist. At Bourbon Barrel, we hope to become a welcome addition to an already thriving neighborhood.

We draw inspiration from a well-formed “please” and a genuine “thank you”, the tip of a hat, and long-established customs. Experience joy in the smallest details: loyal flames, close talkers, vivid conversation, exuberant laughter, open doors, and vintage cushions. We cater to the new and the familiar, where the spark of budding relationships joins the steadiness of old friendships. Whether you’re here for business over brews or lighthearted chatter, Bourbon Barrel offers the ideal atmosphere.

Whether you're here to enjoy your favorite spirit, a fresh Old Fashioned, a cold craft beer, or classic cocktail -

We welcome you to the Bourbon Barrel!

Bourbon Barrel Promise of Quality
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